Monday, December 31, 2007

Nearly 2008

This Christmas will probably be remembered as the one where everyone was sick, and nobody really felt up to much. I remember telling a colleague just before I started the leave that I'd booked for over the Christmas/New Year period, that I fully expected to be ill. It's always the way it happens, you work hard for months with no break, and then the moment you lift your head up, it hits you - cold/flu, manflu whatever. Sometimes it's good to be right. This is not one of those times.

So what else will I remember 2007 for? Well the only other thing is work. I had a whole page here before I deleted it, about what I felt about work, but just in case (and I don't wanna get dooced until I have another job) I won't mention it - if you're really interested email me, but otherwise let's just say it's memorable for all the wrong reasons.

In summary then I hope 2008 will be better than 2007, I really do. Starting with my family getting well, and putting the Christmas cold / manflu season well and truly behind them.

I hope you all too (however many of you there are) also have a good 2008 and it is better than 2007 (even if 2007 was your bestest year ever, I hope 2008 will be even better for you). So until then....

Friday, December 28, 2007

Is It Wrong...

To enjoy a Brandy Cream laced coffee at 2 in the afternoon?


Not a fox in the garden helping itself to the bird food, but a rat!

Not really surprised given the abandoned railway, and number of large gardens around.

Trying to block up his entrance points didn't work - he dug around them, so it looks like we will be trying traps and chemical warfare.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Reindeer fueled and ready to fly. Presents wrapped and under the tree.
Ham and Turkey roasted and ready to carve. Merry Christmas

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Sunday, December 23, 2007


The moment I relax after working flat out for months, I get man-flu.
So much for having leave over Christmas.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Comic Revival

When I was a kid I was a Dandy reader.  I never read the Beano, always the non-conformist me!  I was introduced to it when I was home sick from school one day and my mum was going to the local shop and asked if there was anything I wanted.  She probably expected me to say Lucazade, but like I've said ever the non-conformist, so I said "A Comic!".  She brought me a copy of the Dandy, and so from then on, every week (I used to collect mine on a Saturday morning, with if I was lucky the change from twenty pence to spend on sweets).  I used to read Korky the Cat, Desperate Dan (I am a member of the Cow Pie Eaters Club) and all the other characters.  As time progressed Dandy merged with other comics and became the poorer for it (IMO).
I progressed to other comics, Eagle, Warlord , 2000AD and the mini (in size) Commando stories, also Peanuts (or Snoopy as I preferred to think of it) and Calvin & Hobbes, Tin Tin; and....
I hold my hand up, I still read them today.  I don't buy the comics per se, but I buy the collections of my favourite characters.  Strontium Dog, Snoopy, Tin Tin, Commando, and others as and when I can.  For me it's escapism, they don't require the concentration of a novel, but they are as detailed.  They can be subtle or blatant in message and IMO the artwork better than anything likely to win The Turner Prize. 
Most of the comics I had when I was a kid are now long gone.  There are some that I can remember to this day for one particular reason or another.  Interestingly those that stick in my mind where those that I read when I was home from school sick (I was quite a sickly child).  Perhaps because I read and re-read them, have nothing better to do than cough and splutter my way through yet another bronchitis infection.  Those memories could now however be enhanced by the Internet.  There are many comic book dealers who are able to supply me with copies of those that I remember the most.  The question is, should I, or might it harm a beautiful childhood memory? 

Friday, December 14, 2007

Something in the Garden is Feeding

We have a nocturnal visitor.  Every night for the past week something has been coming into the garden and dining on whatever the birds have left from during the day.  Said visitor doesn't seem to be bothered about what it eats, seemingly rather partial to both stale bread and dried mealworms.  We suspect that it is probably a fox although the jury is still out, but given that our garden is completely enclosed it seems unlikely that anything else would be able athletic enough to make it over the potting shed/garage roof.
So in order to try and catch our visitor "on film" we have come up with a cunning plan.  We are turning our web-cam around to record the comings and goings in the garden.  Now the resolution won't be great but we should at least be able to find out who our visitor is.  That's so long as whatever it is, is big enough to trigger the infra-red sensor on the garden light.  This will work if the animal is indeed a fox, as we know that our dog (approximately fox sized) already triggers the light when he goes out after dark.
The only flaw (I think) is that we might not have enough hard-disk space to record for long enough, given that we'll have to leave the camera running.  In theory if we make the picture as small as possible and turn down the number of frames per second that will help, however anyone with technical know-how your thoughts would be appreciated.
I plan to try tonight, as our visitor seems to be very consistent, and we'll see what happens - if it works will try and post the video here.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's Wet Out,

and so windy that it was difficult to draw breath as I walked across the fields with the dog this morning. It's rained so much these last few days that I've begun not to bother trying to hard to dry my coat out between walks. I wear it damp instead, dry on the inside!

In between walks it's on with preparations for Christmas, getting the card list out, bringing it up to date, adding people who I now have an address for. Working out who we still have to buy presents for, and wrapping those we have already brought.

There seems like a 101 things to do before the day itself. As this is our first Christmas in the new home, we're entertaining on Christmas day. We invited 14 people at one stage. Thankfully 10 of them had plans so that means that there will be 4 humans and 1 dog here for Christmas dinner after which all 5 of us will probably join 70% of the population and go to sleep for the afternoon!

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Dog / Cat Diary

Excerpts from a Dog's Daily Diary

8:00 am - Dog food! My favourite thing!

9:30 am - A car ride! My favourite thing!

9:40 am - A walk in the park! My favourite thing!

10:30 am - Got rubbed and petted! My favourite thing!

12:00 pm - Lunch! My favourite thing!

1:00 pm - Played in the yard! My favourite thing!

3:00 pm - Wagged my tail! My favourite thing!

5:00 pm Had a bath . . . . bummer.

7:00 pm - Got to play ball! My favourite thing!

8:00 pm - Wow! Watched TV with the people! My favourite thing!

11:00 pm - Sleeping on the bed! My favourite thing!

Excerpts from a Cat's Daily Diary

Day 983 of my captivity.

My captors continue to taunt me with bizarre little dangling objects.

They dine lavishly on fresh meat, while the other inmates and I are fed hash or some sort of dry nuggets. Although I make my contempt for the rations perfectly clear, I nevertheless must eat something in order to keep up my strength.

The only thing that keeps me going is my dream of escape. In an attempt to disgust them, I once again vomit on the carpet.

Today I decapitated a mouse and dropped its headless body at their feet. I had hoped this would strike fear into their hearts, since it clearly demonstrates what I am capable of. However, they merely made condescending comments about what a 'good little hunter' I am.


There was some sort of assembly of their accomplices tonight. I was placed in solitary confinement for the duration of the event. However, I could hear the noises and smell the food. I overheard that my confinement was due to the power of 'allergies.' I must learn what this means, and how to use it to my advantage.

Today I was almost successful in an attempt to assassinate one of my tormentors by weaving around his feet as he was walking. I must try this again tomorrow -- but at the top of the stairs.

I am convinced that the other prisoners here are flunkies and snitches. The dog receives special privileges. He is regularly released -and seems to be more than willing to return. He is obviously retarded. The bird has got to be an informant. I observe him communicate with the guards regularly. I am certain that he reports my every move. My captors have arranged protective custody for him in an elevated cell, so he is safe. For now. . . . .

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Who Covered These Tracks?

For a Secret Santa, I've burnt a CD. Can you guess who covered these tracks (without resorting to the Internet! Or looking below.)

City of New Orleans

Rhinestone Cowboy

You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling

Forever in Bluejeans

Blue Bayou

California Girls

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

California Dreaming

These Boots Are Made For Walking

La Isla Bonita

Country Roads

Love Me Tender

New York, New York

Amazing Grace


Knight Rider Theme

That's Right:

It's The Hoff

Mr Shouty

UPDATE: I was asked to hang on to this post for a few days, so please ignore the time discrepancy.

The gig we went to on Sunday was excellent, one of the best we've been to for some time. Martyn Joseph was inspired. He played for well over two hours covering all of the new album and many of his back catalogue. The mix of vocals, acoustic guitar, wit and humour, along with some serious messages in subtext made for an amazing performance.

I will take away many things from the evening, in particular what sticks in my mind at the moment is the passion and dedication to his art. Once a signed artist by Sony (I think) and now with his own private label I can't help but think that Sony lost out big time, but as readers of this blog will know I have no love for Sony, so that works for me. Oh and the improvised session about Travelodge - just inspired.

There is a subtext to this post however. A while ago we took my parents to another gig for this group, where MJ was playing a support set. When we came away we obviously asked my parents what they thought. To paraphrase, my mum said she liked the main act but thought the support was a "bit shouty".

Now I know the lady who does PR for both groups and I happened to mention this her, and well I have a confession to make. It's gotten back to his crew and it's kinda stuck. Martyn I'm really sorry. In his honour, Martyn's crew have created.....Mr Shouty.

What do you think?

Martyn Joseph / Mr Shouty

Friday, November 30, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Everything in Heaven

Everything in heaven comes apart

The tuning fork the afternoon

The anxious scowl of each baboon

Everything in heaven comes apart

The bottle brush the swing top bin

The lumps that grown beneath our skin

The roulette wheel conspiring talk

The rhythm of the penguins walk

The years of grief the libelous hint

The plasma of the innocent

The untraced lie the verbal dart

Everything in heaven comes apart

Everything in heaven comes apart

The atom and the tsetse fly

Deceits which we now justify

Everything in heaven comes apart

The zebras stripe the callous joke

The anthem that the bullfrogs croak

The nightingale the damming phrase

The unseen rage of all our days

The beetles brain the sour jibe

The self advancement moral bribe

The lepers souls the withered heart

Everything in heaven comes apart

Comes apart explains itself and shows it's complex ways

To see at last is to be free from a complicated maze

Comes apart explains itself and shows its complex ways

Everything in heaven comes apart

Everything in heaven comes apart

The pogo stick the monkey gland

The bloody strife fought overland

Everything in heaven comes apart

The private scam the public face

The press release attempt at grace

The olive branch the passport queue

The fifteen minute super loo

The Parrots blink the gamma ray

The things the dead would like to say

The daffodil the words that smart

Everything in heaven comes apart

Everything in heaven comes apart

The diamond ring the ocean song

The conversation that went wrong

Everything in heaven comes apart

The dry stone wall the forest fire

The smile that turned into desire

The rising sun the chain store suit

The blank gaze of the destitute

The tender kiss the pious mask

Questions we all meant to ask

All the plans we had but couldn't start

Everything in heaven comes apart

Comes apart explains itself and shows it's complex ways

To see at last is to be free from a complicated maze

Comes apart explains itself and shows its complex ways

Everything in heaven comes apart
Martyn Joseph

Monday, November 19, 2007

Really F***ing Angry

My earlier post was published a little quickly, simply due to lack of time this morning.  I need to clarify my position here I think.  Or do I?
Hunting of whales, of whatever species is wrong.  The fact that this is being done under the guise of scientific research?  Also wrong.  If it is scientific research then most of the "data" being collected can also be collected by non-lethal means.  So why the need to hunt?  Well if the hunting is done in the name of "science" then the by-product, i.e. dead whales, can be sold on the open market, which obviously doesn't happen when the "science" is arrived at through non-lethal means.
Now call me a cynic if you want, but I can't help thinking that these so called scientists are just full of bullshit.
Visualise if you will the send off that was given to the whaling fleet (see the link in the previous post).  Would it have gotten the same response if it was non-lethal research?  I can't help thinking it wouldn't.  I fail to see why these people are seen as such heroes, OK they are someones son/daughter, mother/father but they are also purporting to be doing something in the name of science which clearly isn't.
The Japanese government refer to those trying to stop them as "Environmental Terrorists", and whilst I am not and have never been a fan of direct action, I can't help feeling that this is the only way.  Public, ethical pressure, politics, have failed.  Sanctions might work, but technically they are doing nothing wrong; scientific research remember.  So where does that leave us, probably direct action, lead probably by Greenpeace.
I apologise for ranting here.  I had planned a post on the gig I went to last night (which was excellent by the way), but I'm afraid my blood is a little warm at the moment.

This Is Not Scientific Research

There is no excuse.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy Weekend

Trust me to mention the weather! It's been foul ever since.

That said we've not had much chance to worry about that, been keeping ourselves busy indoors instead. After yesterdays foray into DIY of the painting variety, we had an evening out with the family.

Before we left I was chatting to Will on gmail, he was home alone after his accident, his analogy to the all time great Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window probably explains more than I ever could. He's down, and unfortunately I have to cut our chat short because we are late. I never made it home with time to resume our chat either because of how the evening went. He's probably relived, as he escaped my terrible jokes but I felt a little guilty not being able to try and cheer up a friend.

Catching up with members of the family was fun though, some of whom I've not seen for a while, and others who I will see again tonight here to see Martyn Joseph.

In the meantime we're catching up with films that we've recorded from the TV over the last few weeks. We've watched Flight of the Phoenix (which reminds me of another Jimmy Stewart link as he starred in the original) I think I preferred the original but it's still a good film none the less. Up next is another remake; The Manchurian Candidate with another great actor Denzel Washington, who we also hope to see soon in American Gangster.

Anyway enough already, I'm burbling now.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

If You Have Nothing To Talk About...

Talk about the weather! This week has been amazing weatherwise, first thing in the morning when I head for the train, it's dark, but the ground is white. I'm wrapped up, thick coat, scarf, hat and gloves. By about 10am, it's been bright sunshine, and in that sun, really warm. Too warm for the full regalia of the morning.

People around seem to be full of cold, flu or whatever else.

I've finished the decorating from the leaky roof, and now just have the light fitting to put back, when the paint has dried.

The garden is looking quite sad at the moment, the leaves are mostly down from the trees, just a few remaining, the rest need sweeping up, but I like walking across the yard shuffling through that have fallen, I like the noise it makes :)

Christmas seems to be drawing closer. As it will be our first Christmas in our new house, we're having the family (or at least some of it) here for Christmas day. We've already brought our Turkey, we brought in nearly a month ago, because they were on special, so there is nothing to fear from the media hysteria that I've now read more than once - "Christmas Turkey Crisis", "£100 Christmas Turkeys". Get real please. I am sure some people would pay an extortionate amount, but most won't.

I've sat here typing watching Long Tailed Tits flit through the garden, inspecting the birch tree for bugs, and the Goldfinch feed on the Niger seeds. It's been a while since I've sat here at looked out, either it's been dark or we've been busy elsewhere.

On another note it's their anniversary today. Please stop by and wish them a happy anniversary. Just don't mention the crutches!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An Honourary Darwin?

This guy must rate an honourable mention for a Darwin Award?

Monday, November 12, 2007


Just realised when posting a comment on Neil h's blog that my blogger names are getting really confused.  It is probably time to get rid of the old site completely.  I'm not sure I can keep up with that many alter-egos.


This weekend was great.  Wow what excitement did I get up to?
Well I did my DIY chores on Saturday - now that I think I've fixed the leaky roof, my evidence for this is the lack of water inside when it's raining.  I have managed to replace the damaged plaster.  All that it needs now is a lick of paint, the light putting back up and we're all systems go.
I've also rubbed down and painted the rusty birdbath - those birds won't have to suffer the toxic Iron Oxide anymore.
Sunday was spent mostly taking and sorting through photographs.  A friend of mine, is writing a magazine article and he wanted some photos taken, so ever the David Bailey off I went with camera, wellies, and some long lenses.  The results are here, if you are interested.
My Monday morning however is turning into something more interesting.  Train arrived at the station, and then pulled away with letting anyone on or off - they couldn't open the doors.  Get to the office, start work, really get going with a report and the power goes off, work lost!
Roll on next weekend.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Mason Bee Home

Mason Bee Home
Mason Bee Home,
originally uploaded by
On Saturday last I spent some time pottering in the garden, tidying up some of the fallen leaves and also made a home for Mason Bees. I've seen these advertised for sale all over the place, but also found some instructions in an old gardening magazine on how to make your own.

Having always been a fan of Blue Peter, I decided that I'd have a go, constructing one from an old section of plastic drainpipe, bamboo canes, and duck tape (for speed)!

It's been secured in a warm sunny spot. All I need to do now, is wait and see if we have any residents take up home!

One about Christmas Shopping

On Wednesday both my GF and I had days off.  Her's is her regular day off.  Mine was chosen to coincide so that we could go Christmas Shopping.
Yes I know.  I can hear you screaming that it's too early, but think for a moment.
It's mid-week.  It's term time.  Therefore it's quiet, there are no hoards of kids screaming.  It was ace.
We didn't get everything for everyone, but we did make reasonable steps in the right direction.  I am still stumped for a present for GF, and she is similarly stumped for me.  It would seem this year that we are the two hardest people to buy for.  I can feel some lunchtime internet surfing coming up to see if I can find anything suitable for her or anything for me that I like.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The One About Trainspotters

Notwithstanding what I said yesterday, and because both Will and Beth came here yesterday, I had to write something today.
One of the fascinations of travelling on the train to and from work is at one of the intermediate stations that we call at.  This station is at an interchange of several lines, it's also a goods yard and next door to a repair depot.  Suffice to say it is busy, there are lots of trains of all shapes and sizes coming and going.  It also has more than one or two trainspotters.
Now I know that I have joked before about turning into a trainspotter myself, but that was because I thought they were a dying / dead breed.  Boy was I wrong!
Traditionalist:  Anorak, bobble-hat, spiral-bound notebook, opera glasses.
Geek:  Goretex jacket & goretex Mountain cap (Lowe Alpine or North Face), PDA/Smartphone, Nightvision monocular (as used by Jack Bauer in 24).
Hardcore:  Either of the above with camping chair, insulated mug / thermosflask.
Newbie:  Notebook, and squint ('coz no binos)
Social butterfly:  Notebook, binos casually slung around neck, not really watching the trains, spends most time talking to fellow spotters - possibly regaling them with stories of trains of yore.
I could never be a hardcore trainspotter myself, but perhaps I might be a geek.  For now I'll stick to travelling on the train - I don't think I could handle anymore standing on platforms than I already do, but you never know.  Where did I put my PDA?

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Still Here

I'm still here, but I just haven't had time to post properly for ages.  I'd like to tell you all about trainspotters I have met, about the frogs living in our garden and all sorts of other things.  To do so at the moment however would almost certainly mean incoherent posts which don't do the subjects justice.
Therefore, unless things change, I am holding off from significant posting until Christmas, sorry.  Makes me feel guilty, after all the upheaval etc of moving blogs, but other calls on my time are more pressing at the moment. 
I'll be back.

Saturday, September 29, 2007


Those of you who follow my twitterings will know that my GF has gotten a new bike. You might also be aware of the ongoing twitter debate between us about whether or not she should wear a cycle helmet or not when riding her bike.

Now I know that part of my concern is irrational. You see when I was about 12 I was knocked off my bike on my paper-round. Not my fault, was hit from behind by some driver who was up too early and half-asleep. I now will rarely ride a bike anywhere. The roads are busier and more dangerous than when I was 12 so the risk is greater, right? The irrational bit is thinking that something similar or worse, will happen to my GF.

The rational bit says that she needs the bike to make getting to work easier or at least a little quicker. Not being a driver (no licence), and now having moved from an evening to a daytime shift there is no one to give her a lift at least one-way.

The irrational bit is not helped by the whole helmet thing or the fact that when I picked up the bike it was supposed to have been assembled by professionals who know what they are doing. All I can say is that they might have been professionals but not in building bikes. Even I can spot the fact that the headset (handlebars) turn without turning the front wheel, and I'm not a rocket scientist.

Anyway hopefully I can calm my irrational fears, hopefully my GF will wear her helmet, hopefully nothing bad will happen.

Friday, September 28, 2007


New sitemeter code added.

Blogroll's revised (but not quite right yet)!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Out of Touch

Feel a little like the world has been passing me by for a few days. With the mad scamper to Brussels and back, and then a busy weekend I've not had much time to sit down and do "stuff". You know - "stuff"! Blog, read blogs, check out how the gardens getting on, decide which book to read next (an ever ongoing challenge), read and reply to emails.

This week however I am on leave, i.e. no work, plenty of time then for all that "stuff", but no, still time seems to be passing me by. I guess most of my "stuff" involves not doing very much, and so consequently I feel guilty.

Take this morning for example. I thought I would sit and do some housekeeping on the blog. It's still not quite how I want it, kind of a skin that doesn't fit properly yet. I wanted to sort out my blogroll - having separated out the wildlife blogs I also wanted to separate out, and give more prominence to those blogs I read regularly, which are in my opinion the best blogs in the world ever. To undermine my plan however is the fact that blogrolling is down and I can't log-in. Similarly I want to add my Sitemeter code, but can't remember my password, and the retrieve by email has yet to send me it. Therefore I guess in the meantime, I'll have to make do with this simple post and come back and finish off the housekeeping another time.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

I'm Back!

Did you miss me?
Back from Brussels, having won an award for project management. For now will leave you with this stitched together panorama taken from the roof of the military museum in the centre of the city.
Even better, I am on leave all this week!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Train Spotting

I think I am turning into a train spotter.  Where did I put my anorak?


The downside of switching blogs is that you loose readers.  That's quite sad.  I never had loads but sadly now I seem to have two or maybe three.  There is/was a running joke about the number of readers that one blogger had/has (come on Will admit it you have more than two now)!  Sadly I think I might have to take up that mantle for a while, at least until things pick up!
Anyway just stopped by to say that I'm off to Brussels tomorrow until the weekend, and probably won't have time or internet access to post - so there probably won't be much difference to the posting rate around here while I'm gone.  ttfn

Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Full Day

We haven't had a Saturday like it for a while, no commitments. We had been indecisive all week about what we should do. We thought about heading to the outdoor store for new wet weather gear, but monies were a little tight following car repairs, so had put that idea to one side. We thought about getting in the car and going somewhere for a nice long walk, but because that had involved driving, had put that idea to one side (we wanted to do something as low impact as possible). What about a DVD fest', we thought? We do after all have a whole list of films we want to watch or watch again, but the weather forecast was good, and we decided not to waste the good weather.

"What about exploring the other side of the creek?" I had suggested. So that was what we did. We packed light, planning to walk via the bakery on the edge of the town centre to provision and then cut back. I checked my camera, and found that the batteries in my SLR were flat, and we had no spares for my small compact digital. I will never be a professional photographer!

We walked through the park, under the railway. Once provisioned with sausage rolls and doughnuts, all freshly baked that morning and still warm from the oven, we headed off.

We had to stop en-route so that I could loosen my left boot, for some reason my foot was hurting, but slackening the laces seemed to help. We headed around the path on the creek edge. As you can see the path trails around the edge of a golf course. At times we felt like we were running "snipers alley", as over-hit drives missed greens and headed through the scrub that protected us and onward towards the creek.
We walked around and found a spot to stop for our lunch, we combed the beach for anything interesting, and watched the boats leaving on the rising tide for an afternoon sail.
We returned slowly, picking some the abundant blackberries that lined either side of the path. Ripe and sweet. As we walked and picked we discussed the rest of the day. We decided to make the most of what we had gathered, and also the sloes that were already picked and in the freezer. Our return journey took us via the town for sugar, and the pub for a quick pint.
When we got back home we started our blackberry and apple sauce. Sloe gin, blackberry vodka, and generally laid waste to the kitchen. These all now require time before they are ready for the next step.
We did catch a DVD in the evening, and then retired to bed to read. Unfortunately my foot is now very sore, I think it must be the boot because I've not had a problem with it before. I did try and anaesthetise it with some of last years Sloe gin, and as a reminder of why a sore foot will be worth it in the long run.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Something that I seem to lack at the moment, when it came to writing blog posts.
Since being discovered, and I don't mean in the nice sense, and having to shift blogs, I keep wondering whether I have truly shaken off my discoverer.  For as I have gone into hiding, so probably have they.  It means that when I come to write something here, I don't, because I don't want that one person to read what I've written.  I guess that sounds kinda daft, but there you go.
So for the time being at least expect sporadic posting.  Sorry

Saturday, September 08, 2007


Here's is one of those jobs that you start and then wish you hadn't. We literally have hundreds of books, and it is difficult to part with any of them. From time to time they cause the shelves to bulge at the edges, and normally at that point it is time to have a sort through.

Some become Bookcrossing books, but most go back on the shelves, slightly re-ordered, but better stacked, and neater and tidier. Today however I feel we have reached a tipping point. No matter how hard I try they won't all go back on. It's time to face facts. We have more books than we have bookshelf space for. Something will have to give.

We need more shelves!

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekends are all too short

Never enough time at the weekend. We've been busier than normal due to the number of things delayed as a result of an unreliable car. We managed fine without it all week and I dare say could have done all of the other things that we saved until it was back on the road. The problem with it turned out to be a sensor which was part of the engine management unit, it was faulty and therefore not telling the EMU what to do, ergo the car wouldn't start.

With friends around yesterday, that has left us just today, to go to the pet store to stock up on dog food, garden bird food, and other odds and ends. Plant some seeds, in our newly sorted vegetable border, having spent the bank holiday weekend transplanting what was previously there to other parts of the garden.

The highlight of our weekend, will be, as it always is, a long walk with the dog, followed by a proper Sunday dinner. Then sadly it is back to work tomorrow.

Wild Twitterings

Now twittering as wildtales - I'd be pleased if you want to follow me at Twitter

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Starting from Scratch

Been a while since I have had to start a-fresh. If you have found your way here, chances are you "know me" from another blog. Simply I have had to leave that home because I think someone I work with "found me". I blame Facebook. That's all I am going to say and leave it at that.

For the time being I am leaving the other blog in place, just in case there are other readers who haven 't yet seen the last post there, and might still want to read my inane witterings.

So why "Wild Tales"? Well because I wanted to write more about the world around me, and names like Urban Wildlife etc were all taken. (Note to self: Must check out some of the names that were taken, you never know where you inspiration might come from). For now I consider this site a work in progress, although if I'm truthful it always will be. I enjoy writing. I profess that perhaps I'm not that good at it, but then as the saying goes; "Practice makes perfect." As you might also know, I don't always have that much time for it either, so maybe a new home will make me write more (no please don't, I hear you cry)!

In terms of the rest of this page, structure etc I'll probably keep adding, changing things I see blogger has changed somewhat, and there is all sorts of cool stuff to play with.

Anyway, welcome. Pull up a chair by the fire. Pour a glass of wine, beer, mug of tea.