Monday, November 12, 2007


This weekend was great.  Wow what excitement did I get up to?
Well I did my DIY chores on Saturday - now that I think I've fixed the leaky roof, my evidence for this is the lack of water inside when it's raining.  I have managed to replace the damaged plaster.  All that it needs now is a lick of paint, the light putting back up and we're all systems go.
I've also rubbed down and painted the rusty birdbath - those birds won't have to suffer the toxic Iron Oxide anymore.
Sunday was spent mostly taking and sorting through photographs.  A friend of mine, is writing a magazine article and he wanted some photos taken, so ever the David Bailey off I went with camera, wellies, and some long lenses.  The results are here, if you are interested.
My Monday morning however is turning into something more interesting.  Train arrived at the station, and then pulled away with letting anyone on or off - they couldn't open the doors.  Get to the office, start work, really get going with a report and the power goes off, work lost!
Roll on next weekend.

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