Sunday, September 02, 2007

Weekends are all too short

Never enough time at the weekend. We've been busier than normal due to the number of things delayed as a result of an unreliable car. We managed fine without it all week and I dare say could have done all of the other things that we saved until it was back on the road. The problem with it turned out to be a sensor which was part of the engine management unit, it was faulty and therefore not telling the EMU what to do, ergo the car wouldn't start.

With friends around yesterday, that has left us just today, to go to the pet store to stock up on dog food, garden bird food, and other odds and ends. Plant some seeds, in our newly sorted vegetable border, having spent the bank holiday weekend transplanting what was previously there to other parts of the garden.

The highlight of our weekend, will be, as it always is, a long walk with the dog, followed by a proper Sunday dinner. Then sadly it is back to work tomorrow.

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