Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The One About Trainspotters

Notwithstanding what I said yesterday, and because both Will and Beth came here yesterday, I had to write something today.
One of the fascinations of travelling on the train to and from work is at one of the intermediate stations that we call at.  This station is at an interchange of several lines, it's also a goods yard and next door to a repair depot.  Suffice to say it is busy, there are lots of trains of all shapes and sizes coming and going.  It also has more than one or two trainspotters.
Now I know that I have joked before about turning into a trainspotter myself, but that was because I thought they were a dying / dead breed.  Boy was I wrong!
Traditionalist:  Anorak, bobble-hat, spiral-bound notebook, opera glasses.
Geek:  Goretex jacket & goretex Mountain cap (Lowe Alpine or North Face), PDA/Smartphone, Nightvision monocular (as used by Jack Bauer in 24).
Hardcore:  Either of the above with camping chair, insulated mug / thermosflask.
Newbie:  Notebook, and squint ('coz no binos)
Social butterfly:  Notebook, binos casually slung around neck, not really watching the trains, spends most time talking to fellow spotters - possibly regaling them with stories of trains of yore.
I could never be a hardcore trainspotter myself, but perhaps I might be a geek.  For now I'll stick to travelling on the train - I don't think I could handle anymore standing on platforms than I already do, but you never know.  Where did I put my PDA?

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