Friday, November 30, 2007

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Everything in Heaven

Everything in heaven comes apart

The tuning fork the afternoon

The anxious scowl of each baboon

Everything in heaven comes apart

The bottle brush the swing top bin

The lumps that grown beneath our skin

The roulette wheel conspiring talk

The rhythm of the penguins walk

The years of grief the libelous hint

The plasma of the innocent

The untraced lie the verbal dart

Everything in heaven comes apart

Everything in heaven comes apart

The atom and the tsetse fly

Deceits which we now justify

Everything in heaven comes apart

The zebras stripe the callous joke

The anthem that the bullfrogs croak

The nightingale the damming phrase

The unseen rage of all our days

The beetles brain the sour jibe

The self advancement moral bribe

The lepers souls the withered heart

Everything in heaven comes apart

Comes apart explains itself and shows it's complex ways

To see at last is to be free from a complicated maze

Comes apart explains itself and shows its complex ways

Everything in heaven comes apart

Everything in heaven comes apart

The pogo stick the monkey gland

The bloody strife fought overland

Everything in heaven comes apart

The private scam the public face

The press release attempt at grace

The olive branch the passport queue

The fifteen minute super loo

The Parrots blink the gamma ray

The things the dead would like to say

The daffodil the words that smart

Everything in heaven comes apart

Everything in heaven comes apart

The diamond ring the ocean song

The conversation that went wrong

Everything in heaven comes apart

The dry stone wall the forest fire

The smile that turned into desire

The rising sun the chain store suit

The blank gaze of the destitute

The tender kiss the pious mask

Questions we all meant to ask

All the plans we had but couldn't start

Everything in heaven comes apart

Comes apart explains itself and shows it's complex ways

To see at last is to be free from a complicated maze

Comes apart explains itself and shows its complex ways

Everything in heaven comes apart
Martyn Joseph

Monday, November 19, 2007

Really F***ing Angry

My earlier post was published a little quickly, simply due to lack of time this morning.  I need to clarify my position here I think.  Or do I?
Hunting of whales, of whatever species is wrong.  The fact that this is being done under the guise of scientific research?  Also wrong.  If it is scientific research then most of the "data" being collected can also be collected by non-lethal means.  So why the need to hunt?  Well if the hunting is done in the name of "science" then the by-product, i.e. dead whales, can be sold on the open market, which obviously doesn't happen when the "science" is arrived at through non-lethal means.
Now call me a cynic if you want, but I can't help thinking that these so called scientists are just full of bullshit.
Visualise if you will the send off that was given to the whaling fleet (see the link in the previous post).  Would it have gotten the same response if it was non-lethal research?  I can't help thinking it wouldn't.  I fail to see why these people are seen as such heroes, OK they are someones son/daughter, mother/father but they are also purporting to be doing something in the name of science which clearly isn't.
The Japanese government refer to those trying to stop them as "Environmental Terrorists", and whilst I am not and have never been a fan of direct action, I can't help feeling that this is the only way.  Public, ethical pressure, politics, have failed.  Sanctions might work, but technically they are doing nothing wrong; scientific research remember.  So where does that leave us, probably direct action, lead probably by Greenpeace.
I apologise for ranting here.  I had planned a post on the gig I went to last night (which was excellent by the way), but I'm afraid my blood is a little warm at the moment.

This Is Not Scientific Research

There is no excuse.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy Weekend

Trust me to mention the weather! It's been foul ever since.

That said we've not had much chance to worry about that, been keeping ourselves busy indoors instead. After yesterdays foray into DIY of the painting variety, we had an evening out with the family.

Before we left I was chatting to Will on gmail, he was home alone after his accident, his analogy to the all time great Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window probably explains more than I ever could. He's down, and unfortunately I have to cut our chat short because we are late. I never made it home with time to resume our chat either because of how the evening went. He's probably relived, as he escaped my terrible jokes but I felt a little guilty not being able to try and cheer up a friend.

Catching up with members of the family was fun though, some of whom I've not seen for a while, and others who I will see again tonight here to see Martyn Joseph.

In the meantime we're catching up with films that we've recorded from the TV over the last few weeks. We've watched Flight of the Phoenix (which reminds me of another Jimmy Stewart link as he starred in the original) I think I preferred the original but it's still a good film none the less. Up next is another remake; The Manchurian Candidate with another great actor Denzel Washington, who we also hope to see soon in American Gangster.

Anyway enough already, I'm burbling now.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

If You Have Nothing To Talk About...

Talk about the weather! This week has been amazing weatherwise, first thing in the morning when I head for the train, it's dark, but the ground is white. I'm wrapped up, thick coat, scarf, hat and gloves. By about 10am, it's been bright sunshine, and in that sun, really warm. Too warm for the full regalia of the morning.

People around seem to be full of cold, flu or whatever else.

I've finished the decorating from the leaky roof, and now just have the light fitting to put back, when the paint has dried.

The garden is looking quite sad at the moment, the leaves are mostly down from the trees, just a few remaining, the rest need sweeping up, but I like walking across the yard shuffling through that have fallen, I like the noise it makes :)

Christmas seems to be drawing closer. As it will be our first Christmas in our new house, we're having the family (or at least some of it) here for Christmas day. We've already brought our Turkey, we brought in nearly a month ago, because they were on special, so there is nothing to fear from the media hysteria that I've now read more than once - "Christmas Turkey Crisis", "£100 Christmas Turkeys". Get real please. I am sure some people would pay an extortionate amount, but most won't.

I've sat here typing watching Long Tailed Tits flit through the garden, inspecting the birch tree for bugs, and the Goldfinch feed on the Niger seeds. It's been a while since I've sat here at looked out, either it's been dark or we've been busy elsewhere.

On another note it's their anniversary today. Please stop by and wish them a happy anniversary. Just don't mention the crutches!

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

An Honourary Darwin?

This guy must rate an honourable mention for a Darwin Award?

Monday, November 12, 2007


Just realised when posting a comment on Neil h's blog that my blogger names are getting really confused.  It is probably time to get rid of the old site completely.  I'm not sure I can keep up with that many alter-egos.


This weekend was great.  Wow what excitement did I get up to?
Well I did my DIY chores on Saturday - now that I think I've fixed the leaky roof, my evidence for this is the lack of water inside when it's raining.  I have managed to replace the damaged plaster.  All that it needs now is a lick of paint, the light putting back up and we're all systems go.
I've also rubbed down and painted the rusty birdbath - those birds won't have to suffer the toxic Iron Oxide anymore.
Sunday was spent mostly taking and sorting through photographs.  A friend of mine, is writing a magazine article and he wanted some photos taken, so ever the David Bailey off I went with camera, wellies, and some long lenses.  The results are here, if you are interested.
My Monday morning however is turning into something more interesting.  Train arrived at the station, and then pulled away with letting anyone on or off - they couldn't open the doors.  Get to the office, start work, really get going with a report and the power goes off, work lost!
Roll on next weekend.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Mason Bee Home

Mason Bee Home
Mason Bee Home,
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On Saturday last I spent some time pottering in the garden, tidying up some of the fallen leaves and also made a home for Mason Bees. I've seen these advertised for sale all over the place, but also found some instructions in an old gardening magazine on how to make your own.

Having always been a fan of Blue Peter, I decided that I'd have a go, constructing one from an old section of plastic drainpipe, bamboo canes, and duck tape (for speed)!

It's been secured in a warm sunny spot. All I need to do now, is wait and see if we have any residents take up home!

One about Christmas Shopping

On Wednesday both my GF and I had days off.  Her's is her regular day off.  Mine was chosen to coincide so that we could go Christmas Shopping.
Yes I know.  I can hear you screaming that it's too early, but think for a moment.
It's mid-week.  It's term time.  Therefore it's quiet, there are no hoards of kids screaming.  It was ace.
We didn't get everything for everyone, but we did make reasonable steps in the right direction.  I am still stumped for a present for GF, and she is similarly stumped for me.  It would seem this year that we are the two hardest people to buy for.  I can feel some lunchtime internet surfing coming up to see if I can find anything suitable for her or anything for me that I like.