Saturday, September 29, 2007


Those of you who follow my twitterings will know that my GF has gotten a new bike. You might also be aware of the ongoing twitter debate between us about whether or not she should wear a cycle helmet or not when riding her bike.

Now I know that part of my concern is irrational. You see when I was about 12 I was knocked off my bike on my paper-round. Not my fault, was hit from behind by some driver who was up too early and half-asleep. I now will rarely ride a bike anywhere. The roads are busier and more dangerous than when I was 12 so the risk is greater, right? The irrational bit is thinking that something similar or worse, will happen to my GF.

The rational bit says that she needs the bike to make getting to work easier or at least a little quicker. Not being a driver (no licence), and now having moved from an evening to a daytime shift there is no one to give her a lift at least one-way.

The irrational bit is not helped by the whole helmet thing or the fact that when I picked up the bike it was supposed to have been assembled by professionals who know what they are doing. All I can say is that they might have been professionals but not in building bikes. Even I can spot the fact that the headset (handlebars) turn without turning the front wheel, and I'm not a rocket scientist.

Anyway hopefully I can calm my irrational fears, hopefully my GF will wear her helmet, hopefully nothing bad will happen.

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