Friday, November 09, 2007

One about Christmas Shopping

On Wednesday both my GF and I had days off.  Her's is her regular day off.  Mine was chosen to coincide so that we could go Christmas Shopping.
Yes I know.  I can hear you screaming that it's too early, but think for a moment.
It's mid-week.  It's term time.  Therefore it's quiet, there are no hoards of kids screaming.  It was ace.
We didn't get everything for everyone, but we did make reasonable steps in the right direction.  I am still stumped for a present for GF, and she is similarly stumped for me.  It would seem this year that we are the two hardest people to buy for.  I can feel some lunchtime internet surfing coming up to see if I can find anything suitable for her or anything for me that I like.

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