Sunday, December 09, 2007

It's Wet Out,

and so windy that it was difficult to draw breath as I walked across the fields with the dog this morning. It's rained so much these last few days that I've begun not to bother trying to hard to dry my coat out between walks. I wear it damp instead, dry on the inside!

In between walks it's on with preparations for Christmas, getting the card list out, bringing it up to date, adding people who I now have an address for. Working out who we still have to buy presents for, and wrapping those we have already brought.

There seems like a 101 things to do before the day itself. As this is our first Christmas in the new home, we're entertaining on Christmas day. We invited 14 people at one stage. Thankfully 10 of them had plans so that means that there will be 4 humans and 1 dog here for Christmas dinner after which all 5 of us will probably join 70% of the population and go to sleep for the afternoon!

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