Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mr Shouty

UPDATE: I was asked to hang on to this post for a few days, so please ignore the time discrepancy.

The gig we went to on Sunday was excellent, one of the best we've been to for some time. Martyn Joseph was inspired. He played for well over two hours covering all of the new album and many of his back catalogue. The mix of vocals, acoustic guitar, wit and humour, along with some serious messages in subtext made for an amazing performance.

I will take away many things from the evening, in particular what sticks in my mind at the moment is the passion and dedication to his art. Once a signed artist by Sony (I think) and now with his own private label I can't help but think that Sony lost out big time, but as readers of this blog will know I have no love for Sony, so that works for me. Oh and the improvised session about Travelodge - just inspired.

There is a subtext to this post however. A while ago we took my parents to another gig for this group, where MJ was playing a support set. When we came away we obviously asked my parents what they thought. To paraphrase, my mum said she liked the main act but thought the support was a "bit shouty".

Now I know the lady who does PR for both groups and I happened to mention this her, and well I have a confession to make. It's gotten back to his crew and it's kinda stuck. Martyn I'm really sorry. In his honour, Martyn's crew have created.....Mr Shouty.

What do you think?

Martyn Joseph / Mr Shouty

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