Sunday, November 18, 2007

Busy Weekend

Trust me to mention the weather! It's been foul ever since.

That said we've not had much chance to worry about that, been keeping ourselves busy indoors instead. After yesterdays foray into DIY of the painting variety, we had an evening out with the family.

Before we left I was chatting to Will on gmail, he was home alone after his accident, his analogy to the all time great Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window probably explains more than I ever could. He's down, and unfortunately I have to cut our chat short because we are late. I never made it home with time to resume our chat either because of how the evening went. He's probably relived, as he escaped my terrible jokes but I felt a little guilty not being able to try and cheer up a friend.

Catching up with members of the family was fun though, some of whom I've not seen for a while, and others who I will see again tonight here to see Martyn Joseph.

In the meantime we're catching up with films that we've recorded from the TV over the last few weeks. We've watched Flight of the Phoenix (which reminds me of another Jimmy Stewart link as he starred in the original) I think I preferred the original but it's still a good film none the less. Up next is another remake; The Manchurian Candidate with another great actor Denzel Washington, who we also hope to see soon in American Gangster.

Anyway enough already, I'm burbling now.

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will said...

It's cool! You cheered me up - at least I wasn't going to a Christmas thing!! And instead of having to sit through your "terrible jokes" I sat through the Simpson's Movie, Antz and Happy can decide if I came off worse in all that :)