Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Voyageur - Robert Twigger


I was given this book as a Christmas present, it's one that I had previously added to my Amazon wishlist, using my "photo-reminder" system (standing in a bookshop with no money and seeing a book that I want to read, photograph with cameraphone to remember for later. It works the photo in this post is the one I took at the time).

I've been reading it since the Thursday after Christmas (yes I know I read slowly)! So far I am about a third of the way through. I say a third because the book covers Twigger's three attempts to follow in the paddle splashes of Alexander MacKenzie, across America in a birchbark canoe, and I've only just finished the first attempt.

I'm enjoying the book and I think I would recommend it to anyone who like me, likes travel and adventure books. I thought it might be simialr to Bill Brysons, "Walk in the Woods", and indeed to a point it is but perhaps Bryson writes more for laughs than does Twigger. Still I like Voyageur enough to buy another one of Twigger's books "Being a Man"
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Nancy said...

I recommend Angry White Pyjamas! I haven't read anything else of his, but Voyageur sounds interesting.