Wednesday, January 02, 2008

2007 - The Year of the Move

Last year on the 28th February, we moved house. As readers of the old blog will know, it was a pretty near run thing that almost didn't happen. Our first home "failed" it's survey and we had a mad rush to find something else before our buyers pulled out.

Looking back on the move, we had a number of things that we were looking for. Some of them had some leeway in, others very little. I was thinking about this, this afternoon, and reflecting on how closely we had stuck to our criteria.

Off-Road Parking

We had this as an absolute no compromise, and have our own little secluded garage (known as the bat-cave).

Close to a railway station

Again another no compromise for us. My GF doesn't drive and I wanted to drive less, and walk and use public transport more. We are now 10 minutes from the railway station and about the same from town, so we pretty much walk everywhere. I read more, I listen to more music as a result. All round success here.


We had to compromise here. We have a pavement to the front and compared to our old home, which was at the end of a cul-de-sac, we have quite a lot of passing traffic. However we are above the road, so the majority that we see are pedestrians.

Garden of our own

Another success. Our old place had a communal garden, and although the grass was cut by someone else, there was little that we could do. Now we have out own, and could do what we like.


Many people move because they need more space or want to downsize. For us it was the former. We had out-grown our old home. We now have more space, but I suspect that given time we will come to fill that too.

Dog walking area

We had lots of walks for our dog where we used to live. We still do, although they are different walks, but one of them still has a pub within easy distance :)

Overall I'd say the move went well and mostly we have what we wanted. There are a few things that we'd like to change, and are changing, but on the whole we like our new home.

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