Monday, January 28, 2008


Wil Wheaton wrote a post about being a geek. Now everything he includes, I can lay a claim to have done, and some that I still do (does that make me a geek too)? Here I would lay comics, science fiction and movie soundtracks. I lurve my soundtracks.

Soundtracks make a movie, where would Star Wars or Indiana Jones be without the music of John Williams? Or The Godfather without Nino Rota and Henry Mancini? For a while you also used to get the complete soundtrack as an extra when you bought the film on DVD - not sure whatever happened to that though?

To me they are memories of a particular movie or just cracking good tunes. I've discovered new bands from hearing a track on a soundtrack. I play them in the car, on my Walkman on the PC (if we had a working stereo I'd play them there too)! I do go through phases though. I will listen to the same soundtrack for days or even weeks or have the same one in the car on repeat for many, many journeys and then I won't listen to one at all for ages.

I'm going through a "listening to" phase at the moment. My Walkman is on "shuffle-play all" for "Genre: Soundtracks". Star Wars IV, V, VI and II & III are there, (EP I has rights management so tight it won't play), I also have The Transporter, Crank and War (notice an actor link here)? Bond movie themes and soundtracks from Japanese Story and Antarctica (never seen the films but love the soundtracks), there are more there yet to play so I don't know what's coming up. How long this phase will last is anyone's guess, it could be a day or two or weeks.

If this means I am a geek, then so be it.


maria said...

Ah, but being a geek is a compliment these days, Alan. The geeks rule the earth, own all the cool things (as in have ownership of them, not necessarily have them in their homes, if you get my meaning), and are generally cool.

The geeks shall inherit the earth, indeed.

will said...

When you say you can lay claim to everything Wil Wheaton has done...does that mean you were in next generation :^)