Monday, January 14, 2008

More Hiatuses Than a String Vest

Every year since I've been a blogger, I've made a New Years resolution to myself that I would write more posts.  Sometimes I've shared it with those people who read my blog, more often I haven't because I always seem to let the side down.  No change there then I see!  Much the same as each we I promise to take my "Thursday Walk" photo for Utata and never do!
The main reason this year is because most of the posts I could write, would be about work, and as you know I don't write about work.  That said I know some reader (s) who would be interested in those posts, but would also email me and act as my blog "conscience" about not blogging and from time to time I really need that prompt.
Anyway, what else has been going on?  Well my GF is still off work sick, and the doctors (plural because she has yet to see the same one twice) all seem reluctant to do anything except write a sick-note that says "flu-like virus".  For f**** sake get a life - if someone has been unwell for over 8 weeks surely there is a bit more that you can do?  Having said that we are waiting for the results from a blood test which they finally agreed to do, but it took almost camping out in the surgery to get them to do anything.
In other news I see that Creme Eggs are on sale again (and I think have been since Boxing Day)!  I note the change in slogan, gone is the "How Do You Eat Yours?", in is "Here Today Goo Tomorrow".  I also note the special offer, but in line with other New Years resolutions, I'm not biting!
"Ratty" as he has begun to be called, (I think it might be bad news to name a pest that we are trying to eliminate after a character from " Wind in the Willows") is proving not only to be elusive, but also a bit of a comedian having dumped a whole load of soil from his burrow, onto  the trap.
Booked a holiday, going here, sometime soon.
 For those who purchased Christmas present from Amazon.  This might be of interest to you.
Think that's all for now!

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maria said...

I do that too, though. Write whenever I can. And mostly I feel like I've nothing really to say but for totally different reasons - this being that either Will has already talked about it in a much more funny way than I would ever do so, or if I write about it, he might not, and so you might miss out on the funny.

Also, I was a bit depressed. But I think I'm better now. Or getting there. Or trying. Or something.

Good going on the holiday, although... well, when are you going to get on a plane and come over?!