Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Why I Won't Have An i-Phone

As regular readers will know I don't tend to follow the crowd, and don't have an i-pod, (instead I have a Walkman and that is less than a pleasure to own).  That said when it was announced that the i-phone was going to be launched in the UK I hoped that it would be on the network that I use, because I was interested.  Disappointingly it was on O2.  I guess O2 must have paid mega-bucks, because I was once a customer of theirs and I know just how poor their network availability is and how poor their customer service was when I was a customer.  If other people have the same experience it would take a very tempting offer to get them back! 
I won't therefore be buying an i-phone.  Unless of course they change or expand on network(s) availability.
Now I know I could get an i-phone and have it unlocked (hacked) but given that Apple have ways and means at their disposal to prevent you using an unlocked phone (and who can blame them), I can't be bothered.  I would want the full functionality and be able to update it as needed, but I won't use O2, it's a case of never again! Shame I can't help think that Apple have missed a trick, and at least one customer. 

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maria said...

It seems to be a pattern, because they did the same in the US, they went with the crappiest company with the lesser plans.

As a plan for said crap company, it's a pretty good one, because most people will get it and stay with them just to have the phone.

Having said that, a friend of mine has one and he couldn't have seemed more of a wanker just answering it. But maybe it's just him.