Saturday, October 03, 2009

To Blog or Not to Blog?

I'm not sure I should be blogging anymore. I've moved far more to video posts than I ever have before. Mainly because they enable me to capture exactly what I am feeling at the time they are recorded, rather than relying on my memory for the time I get back behind a keyboard. It also makes me feel quite exposed, and the chance of being "discovered" by someone who I would rather not know that I am a blogger.

I do however enjoy it. So while I continue to think about what I should do. Here are some videos:

Just Seen A Fox

The Fox

In The Shed

And Finally Chicken Poo!


Emma Springer said...

It entirely up to you if you want to change the format of your posts to the video format. If you don't go in front of the camera, no one will know who you are. It seems to me like this is more work because you have to be walking around with a camera all day.

neil h said...

I'd certainly miss your allotment posts - it's about the closest that I come to nature!

Anonymous said...

But, but, but this IS blogging. Your video posts are blog posts. And, like neil h., we love your allotment posts. Please keep it going.

I realise that you feel "exposed" but you've managed to keep this blog fairly work free, sticking to "wild tales". I'm not sure that you have to worry about being "dooced". Unless, of course, that is not your worry and it is just someone in RL you are trying to avoid.