Tuesday, October 06, 2009

I Love My Blog

Maria asked me about my last post and why I said I was thinking of giving up my blog for fear of being discovered. It occurs that other readers of these post might be interested to know the answer to that question to. So here's an excerpt from the email I sent in reply:

Speaking of blogging and since you've asked ;) I think fear of discovery is probably worse than the discovery itself. As far as I know there is nothing contractually that prevents me blogging, and I am deliberately careful to avoid blogging about work, and topics that cover my work, to avoid any conflict. Often difficult as many of the posts in my head, are about the topics I work on as they are so relevant. We've been trying for sometime to get a work-blog going, to write about some of those work things - but I can't say "hey I'm a blogger, I'll sort it out"; because then everyone would want to read my blog. I do like to keep work and my private life separate, hence the fear of discovery. Last time I moved [blogs] it was because someone at work found my flickr pages and there was a link to my old blog on there, hence the hasty departure. As far as I know no one is looking for me, nor am I being stalked. As my posts are now very much, if not now entirely video posts obviously the fear of discovery is great, particularly as it's far easy to "spot me" when you can see me, rather than plain writing.

Don't get me wrong, I love to blog. I love the interaction with my readers, even if there are only about half-a-dozen. It's just a really weird limbo between wanting to blog, and not wanting to be "found" (by some people at least). Plus having the time to record or write a post, is also very often dictated by work. The fact that I want to do more video, have been looking at new video cameras, and am buying new video editing software with a new laptop, is pushing me in a certain direction, but the fear remains! Now all I need is the time!

So there you have it. I love my blog. I love posting (whether it be the written word or the video post). I'll be sticking to "wild tales" and not posting about work. There will probably also be more video, and hopefully I'll find the time to actually "write" something every once in a while too.


Anonymous said...

Alan, we all love your blog. I'd prefer it if you kept it up, obviously.

Anonymous said...

it's maria. Obv. But you can call me 6p00e for short ;)