Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Flash Forward

I'm beginning to think I am in a minority of one. Everybody else disagrees with me. They all think it's great. I think it's boring, predictable and has some really rubbish acting.

Flash Forward has now been through it's third episode. I watched the first one, and thought it was dreadful, but there was enough of a hook at the end (the only guy in the world who didn't black-out for 137 seconds), to make me watch the second with a hope it would get better. After all not every programme is that great in the first episode, it takes time to get the story going after all. Introduce the characters.

So I watched the second episode. No improvement. Then watched the third one and fell asleep.

I know I am in a minority of one here, so tell me what is it I'm missing? There is something right? Please explain it to me?

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Anonymous said...

Am watching episode four - forty minutes in - and I can tell you that it isn't getting any better. The fact is it is geared towards five/seven seasons, 22 episodes a season. In other words you are looking down the barrel of (over) one hundred hours of story. The last thing they want to do is give away anything in the first three hours. So you get story lines that go nowhere and very little info that is important. The producers still need to pick up viewers and cannot give out important bits of info until they have built their audience. Look at "Lost" and how that story changed. Look at "Fringe" and how far it is removed from its original storyline. The problem is, this series will lose us...except we are in for the night: flash forward, grey's anatomy, private practice. Ooo, the most exciting bit happened just as the final credits rolled (the "hobbit" said two lines to the guy from "coupling"), will it be enough to hook us in??

Of the new series, if you get them, we like "Bored to Death" and "The Good Wife". We LOVE the new comedy "Modern Families". "Dexter" (season four) has returned to strength, "Mad Men" is holding its own, and "House" is still strong. Not totally sure about "The Mentalist" but that might be because we felt a bit cheated by the final episode of season one.