Sunday, October 11, 2009

Introducing Mr Robin

I've been working at home today in the garden as opposed to the allotment. It's the time of year when things need tidying up, pruning, raking, sweeping, trimming, lifting, cutting, storing.

I've been kept company most of the day by the birds, at times the sparrows (like comedy sparrows from a disney film) lined up along the hedge, watching me. I think probably waiting for me to leave or go into the shed for a moment so that they can swoop in and get some seeds.

I've also had a living shadow all day. A little robin. He's fearless. He will gladly come within a few inches to see what I am doing. At times I've been frightened that I might inadvertenly tread on him. He doesn't seem to mind human or canine company at all, but is a little wary of the other birds, particularly those that are larger than him like the doves and pigeons. Those of similar size he merely chases away - "my garden, get lost".

I thought you would like to meet him, so naturally there is video, but it won't upload for some reason. I'll try again later, and see if I can make progress.

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