Monday, December 14, 2009

There's No Point In Having A Tidy Garden.....

I know this because I spent a good proportion of yesterday sweeping up leaves, pruning rose bushes, weeding and generally tidying our back garden.

Now I know it's generally accepted that sweeping up fallen leaves is a thankless task, as the minute you turn your back more arrive like unwanted relatives, and no matter how hard you try there will always be three that evade the broom (it's never one or two or more than three - always three). With Christmas approaching however bringing with it some wanted relatives, it seemed prudent to at least have a go at the garden.

I was quite impressed with my days toil, there were still three leaves out there but the rest where safely loaded into the compost bin to slowly turn into plant food to put back into the garden in time. It looked tidier too. That was until the birds arrived today. Obviously impressed that things had been disturbed a bit they spent the entire day hunting for insects, disturbing the once zen-like state of the newly tidied garden. I do not begrudge them this at all, not one little bit - I just wish they tidied up behind themselves a bit.

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