Monday, December 28, 2009


So. That's it. Christmas. Been. Gone. For 2009.

That just leaves New Year. We will more than likely end up doing what we do most years. We don't party, we watch dvds. Normally two in particular, probably the same two we watch every year. That is if we can keep our eyes open long enough, if not we work out which New Year to celebrate (Greek New Year is normally good), and head off to bed. Only to be woken by our New Year as everyone sets off fireworks (except for us, coz we've gone to bed).
That leaves the tradition of setting New Years resolutions. Normally I don't bother because I normally always forget them within 48 hours and end up breaking them. Plus they are normally always the same resolutions recycled each year - loose weight, blog more, get fitter etc.

This last year I did however make one resolution, and I have stuck to it throughout the year. We have too many books. Now although you can never have too many books, because books are good, storing too many books is always a hassle. This last year I resolved that I would only buy a new book if I had read one. This has worked very well, and I've stuck to it. It did however mean that I mostly only read the books that I bought during the year and not all those that are sitting unread on my bookshelf (and are still there).
So for 2010 I am going to continue with this resolution, and modify it slightly. For 2010 I can only buy a new book, if I have read a book and it was one that was in the house at the start of the year. I feel this will be tough, so we'll see how it goes. In the unlikely event that I read all of the books that were in the house (unread) at the start of the year, then I'll revert to the old version of the resolution.

I also intend to have the loose weight / get fitter resolution. I'm too heavy, probably unhealthily so. This is not good, and I really do need to do something about it. Now I'm not about to go joining a gym - aside from the expense I don't really have the time due to work commitments, but there are many positive things I can do, and I shall be trying.

I will also be trying to do something about my job, but I'm not sure what. I don't know if that means get a different job or simply approach the one I've got in a different way. I need to work that out. There are obviously dream jobs (indulging my love of nature), but I think I need to at least be a little realistic.

Finally I shall try and blog. Note I didn't say more.

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Z said...

I think choosing a resolution that you will enjoy but will take a bit of effort is a good idea.