Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Always Bring The Weather With You

It's November and yet the temperature is still regularly reaching 15 celcius during the day. It's supposed to be the first month of winter and it is unseasonably mild. It is more like a typical autumn that winter, wet and mild.

As a gardener and allotment holder it's normally good to have some rain, it means that I have to do less watering of plants. We've had so much however that it means the ground is nearly impossible to dig due to the wet conditions. If this keeps up I will need to cover the exposed ground during the week in order for me to be able to dig it over at the weekend. Although the forecast at the moment is for rain on the weekend too, so that probably won't happen it that prediction holds true.

Makes sense for me to have installed a second water-butt at the allotment last weekend, in between the showers. It should be filling up nicely this week!

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Z said...

We've had some rain, but I'd not describe our garden as anywhere near waterlogged.