Wednesday, September 16, 2009

would photos help?

Re: the post below (no, not that one, below that one, further down, the one about gardens and stuff). It occurred to me that mayhap my words weren't explanatory enough. So, I nipped out with a camera this morning (try to feel special dear reader, try to feel that I stepped out especially, in the early hours of this morning, on my day off, just for you - in reality maria wanted to get some photography done so I tagged along and then banged off a couple of shots) and took some photos just for you, yes you.

Now, I'm not sure how to get photos in Blogger, nor how to position them. Plus I don't want to flood Alan's blog with pictures. So, I'm going to load them in small and hope that you can click on them to biggerize them (or is it embiggen? never sure what the correct name is). The picture here, on the left, is a roundabout. You can't see the real work that goes into it, but you have to remember that this is Mexico. You need to think how hard it is to grow stuff in a place where there is (on average) 20cm of rain a year. Then think of the work that goes into keeping this roundabout green, clean, and growing. The picture on the right is of trees (just in case you don't recognise trees), not mushrooms. And on the left they are cut into cuboids. And this is what I was trying to say in my post. The trees are all cut into shapes, not left to grow willy-nilly. And the thing to note is that this isn't some important road, in the middle of the city, that might help attract tourists. And this is what helps to make Tijuana beautiful. It's all in the details. A side road off a side road, reveals how a tree has been cut to make a shelter for a car. This morning, as we driving around looking for photo ops for maria, we came across countless examples of trees, roundabouts, and weird bits just off the pavement that someone had gone totally mad with. Considering that it hasn't rained now for nearly five months, it's surprising how green and pleasant this city is.


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