Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Bird Race

Andrew over at http://www.quicksilverbirds.blogspot.com has been holding an Easter bird race. As we had a not too busy weekend and the weather forecast had predicted that there was going to be quite a bit of rain I didn't think my chance of winning would be very high but it would be a bit of fun.

The rules were simple enough. Count every bird species you come across over the four day weekend and send in your score. Full details and results will be on Andrew's blog. I added an additional rule of my own, I actually had to see the birds, counting bird song didn't count.

As predicted the weather was not great three out of the four days saw quite a bit of rain so my bird counts were mostly restricted to those seen in the garden or when out walking the dog.

My total score is 21, and if I'd not added the rule about bird song it would have been a little higher, but I prefer to see the birds I'm counting. Finally here's my species list:

Black-Headed Gull
Wood pigeon
Collared dove
Blue tit
Great tit
House sparrow
Grey heron
Greater-spotted woodpecker
Mute swan
Garden warbler
Herring gull

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1 comment:

Andrew at Quicksilverbirds said...

Hi Alan, 20, 21 is fine. I'm not one for getting hung up on the highest score, more getting everyone involved at whatever level and capacity. Interesting re not heard category, I used to be like that until going birding one day with a top songster birder, "saw" about double what i'd have seen myself, and some like nuthatch are classic hear before you see. Thanks for taking part.