Wednesday, April 08, 2009


Well it's been a while since we were on holiday and the days of posting nearly every day have waned since we've been home and I've been back at work.

Life goes on.

Back at work, initially in a kind of surreal kind of half-life. Having had such a long time off and having been able to totally relax while we were away it's really quite strange.

The garden birds are pleased to see us back at least. We'd left them out plenty of food but they managed to go through it rapidly. I watched them last night after I got home. I'd just fed them and within moments wood pigeons and starlings arrived and decimated their provisions. The pigeons are quite sedate but the starlings are more enthusiastic. They almost dive into the seed and fling it everywhere. When they're done with what's in the feeder, they drop to the ground and gather up all the seed they've dropped.

It' been two years since we moved house, it doesn't seem like it though. Our boiler is on it's last legs. I'm surprised it's lasted this long to be honest but pleased that it's gotten us through two winters and given us time to save up for it's replacement. They're coming to do that next month.

In gaming news I've been playing Tom Clancy's "HAWX", it was a birthday present. Am quite enjoying it, but seem to have a problem with the ground. I keep flying my plane into it!

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