Saturday, February 07, 2009

A Little Bit Of The Cold, White, Wet Stuff

I could easily be wrong because childhood memories are probably not that reliable, but when I was a child I remember us having a week or two of snow at time.

What I don't remember is my school ever shutting and the bus that took me there and back each day used to travel cross country, on narrow country roads and it never got stuck. This isn't what's worrying me though. What concerns me more is the future.

Snow and ice we know about but as our climate changes and things heat up more, what then? We've had a taster and we kinda didn't do too well then either. Remember summer 2003? Record high temperatures? Back then people died from heat exhaustion, trains couldn't run because of buckled tracks.

My point? Well we can't cope with snow, but that'll be less of an issue in the future. The temperatures of summer 2003 will be commonplace within about ten years or so and probably a mild summer by the middle of the century. So perhaps we should think a little more about that than the snow and make the most of the white stuff while we can?
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