Sunday, April 13, 2008

Where Do Goldfinches Go At Night?

It's fabulous that we have a pair of Goldfinches nesting in our garden. Most of this week one of them (the female, according to the link above) has been siting in the nest constantly. The male bird has been visiting regularly, and looks as though he been feeding his mate as she sits. I assume there are eggs in the nest and they are incubating them.

The rest of the time he sits in the top of the Hawthorn tree nearby and stands guard. He sees everything, but is very tolerant of our comings and goings. As the sun sets he disappears, I am assuming he just drops down the hedge, and gets in, out of sight and into relative safety.

With the weather we have had this week and last, with everything from storms to blizzards, he's been on station, and she's been on the nest. Their perseverance to succeed makes me proud, to think they chose our garden to build their nest.

As they have very kindly built their nest in full view of our conservatory window, it's possible for us to see what they are up-to without disturbing them in the slightest. It's a kind of reality tv wildlife show.

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