Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spatial Squeeze

Stopped by the allotments while I was out walking the dog this morning, and added my name to the waiting list: 
"Don't hold your breath."  I was told.  That said apparently the waiting time is single figures of years, rather than double!
In the meantime, back in our garden we are rapidly running out of room.  The veg bed is full.  I need to replace those seedlings that didn't survive being transplanted (or have been chomped by slimy invaders), but otherwise there is no room at the Inn.
Today the following progress has been made:
Potted on leeks into drainpipe tubes (can be grown in the pipes, and makes them grow straight apparently).
Potted on swede into an outdoor planter (no room for them in the veg bed)
Potted on lettuce into pots.
Potted on rocket (which smelt amazing) into planters (kept in potting shed for the time being because they have been germinated indoors)
Sown a tray of radishes (french breakfast variety).
Sown some cabbage directly outdoors to replace those that were chomped by the slimy invaders.
Also yesterday, started a second crop of tomatoes.

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