Monday, March 24, 2008

Exercising My Green Thumb!

So it's a bank holiday, and like all good Englishmen, I was out in the garden, or in this instance mostly in the potting shed because it was raining.

There were lots of seeds to plant, and seedlings planted earlier in the year to pot on. So I've planted:

Sweetcorn (in Blue Peter style in cardboard toilet roll tubes, to promote straight growth, see pic),
Rhubarb (long term investment, as it probably won't be in a condition to eat for two years),

Potted on:

And planted out into the great outdoors (hope we don't get too many hard frosts):

I've also be training our Wisteria, so that it grows over the arch, above our front gate, rather than trys to entangle itself with every passer-by.

Finally I moved the sensor from our digital weather machine, so that it is not in a little micro-climate that makes it read 15.7 Celsius when it's actually snowing!
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Anonymous said...

On Saturday I had to "clean out" my lemon trees - I think the better term is "culling". The winter had not been kind to my forest. I uprooted seven, leaving two twiglets. Planted another five seeds. Shall see how it goes.