Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pukka - the pup after Merle. A Review

Alan has been excited the last couple of days as a book he has been waiting for, has finally been published. 


“Pukka – the pup after Merle”, is written by Ted Kerasote, the author of one of his most treasured books; “Merle’s Door – Lessons from a Free Thinking Dog”.  Alan says that Merle’s door reminds him of Sparky, my brother and he’s really interested to read about Ted’s experiences with his new pup, Pukka. 


Since the book arrived he has been sitting reading, and says it is the perfect book to follow Merle’s Door, and one of the best books of 2010.  He’s also been sharing with Sparky and I, and it is beautifully illustrated with many pictures for us to look at.  I can certainly relate to Pukka’s experiences, Alan says that he can relate to Ted’s too, particularly toilet training and trying to get me to swim (which he still hasn’t managed).  What I want to know though, is where I get my paws on one of those elk bones that Pukka has!


Alan says that this new book is a must read for anyone whether they have read Merle’s Door or not, and would make a perfect present for anyone who is at all interested in dogs.  You can get a copy from Amazon in the UK here, or other good booksellers.


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