Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Social Media Picnic 25th June 2010

Arrangements for this years gathering at George Orwell's grave are well underway.  Details of this years and past gatherings can be found here on @documentally 's posterous, or on his other site Ourmaninside.com.
If you need directions the postcode is OX14 4AE, map via google maps, the nearest railway station appears to be Didcot Parkway, and a Thames Travel No 32 bus will get you within walking distance (try http://www.transportdirect.info for a personalised journey plan).
There has been quite a lot of interest in this years gathering including national press coverage, so if you are interested in attending please leave a comment either here (I will pass them on to @documentally) or on one of the other two blog posts above.
I am also intending to arrange other social media "picnics" later this year.  I have ideas for one in the New Forest, one at a castle and also a campfire gathering and camping trip.  Also one in Paris.  One or none of these stand a chance of happening.  These will be local to me (except obviously Paris), and will post details here as and when I have it.  I'd like to know what people think, would you have a preference for one of these.  Do you need more details?
I set this site up with a view to anyone publicising their own social media picnics, so if you would like to arrange your own gathering and use this site to tell people about it, please let me know and I can give you access to the site or post the details for you.

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