Monday, July 07, 2008

An Update

Yes a post!  Mainly because a few things have been happening, that individually would have warranted a post on their own but time was such that it just didn't happen.
Wimbledon  OK it's all over barr the shouting, but the "young gun" won.  Apparently if you are over the age of 32 you are officially an "old man" or at least that's according to the BBC.  I found this out while I was sitting in a hospital waiting room, where they had the semi-final coverage on.  So screw tennis and screw the BBC, 'coz I am not an "old man" just because I am over the age of 32.
Why I was in hospital  I wasn't there for me, we were there for the latest appt. for my GF, that is a whole other post, and not one for here, but let me just say the NHS is so completely screwed I am surprised that anyone who works for them bothers to come to work each day.
Iphone  Yeah OK you can pre-order from today, but despite getting all excited, watching Steve Jobs live, downloading the introductory video (all 30 minutes of it), ordering a PAC code from my current mobile provider, I can't be bothered.
Allotment  We've got one.  Despite there being quite a long waiting list we have allegedly risen to the top.  It's covered in weeds, and we have three months to get it up together, but it is ours and no one elses.
As I say should have been several posts but is only one, sorry.

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Anonymous said...

Wimbledon - missed it totally :^)

Hospital - all our best to the GF. I am a bad friend and I don't write often enough to ask how stuff is going, sorry.

Iphone - ah, the double edged sword of Phil Collins. Do I really want to hear him singing in my pocket :^)

Allotment - yay you!!!