Wednesday, June 11, 2008

If You Do Nothing Else Today, Follow The Links In This Post

I often add links to other blogs to my blogrolls in the sidebar. I use a little widget thing to do this that sits on my toolbar, when I do it offers me a choice of the three blogrolls that I have. One is headed "Tales", the next "Wildlife and Environment Blogs" and the third one "Best Blogs In The World Ever" (it appears on this site as "Regular Reads"). This final one is the blogs that I read on a regular basis (at least weekly, if not more often, daily in most cases).

I've added a blog to this today, one that I have been regularly reading for a while now, and haven't gotten around to adding. I have now.

I am posting about this because I think you should go and read a couple of posts. Before you do however, note that some of the other posts might be a little NSFW, nothing extreme, but without looking through the blog as a whole they could be taken out of context the author, is both honest and candid.

The posts I am referring you too, follow. The reason, because both made me cry.

Read this one first, and then

This one next. (also follow the link at the end this one).