Sunday, February 03, 2008

Ladybird Love Dust

For Christmas I was given a Ladybird house.  When I was given it, it came with an apology that a bit of it was missing, but that the missing piece would be acquired and forwarded on to me in the post.
The missing piece arrived this week.  I wondered what it was because it was only a small envelope, and I was expecting something bigger, and probably made from wood.  The envelope however, contained another little package of fine brown powder.  Fortunately before I called the drug squad I realised that this was the missing piece of my ladybird house - Ladybird Love Dust!  Or to be boring "an attractant powder that when mixed with water and poured inside the ladybird house will attract ladybirds to their new home".
So look out neighbourhood ladybirds, my house is on the pull!

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